Edguy with Space Police World Tour in Munich - Review

On September 30, 2014 Edguy were at Backstage Werk in Munich with their current release and world tour "Space Police: Defenders of the Crown".

The opening act was STARCHILD who had to put up with poor sound and a somewhat lazy audience. Nevertheless, the venue was packed so the band had the chance to present 6 of their songs to a good slice of Munich. Initially STARCHILD's music can be called Power Metal but the band manages to create a unique, fresh sound. Music like this can sound fairly bland or be overly easy to get into but the listeners were definitely not being spoon-fed here. Still, all the songs sounded strong and well composed.
This band offers innovative songwriting and an impressive performance. Even the vocalist grabbed his guitar to perform insane, technical solos every once in a while. Unfortunately though, those could hardly be heard at all due to the terrible stage mixing.

This supergroup, consisting of former PINK CREAM 69 members as well as the legendary Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske (HELLOWEEN), almost stole the show this evening. People were psyched for UNISONIC and went wild during the whole gig. The band's performance was fantastic, too.
Not only this but the Backstage staff were obviously eager to do a better job now: every last detail of the stage sound was perfectly audible so the audience could enjoy 45 minutes of top class Power Metal; driving drums, squealing guitars and outstanding vocals performed by Kiske. All of that pieced together into songs that just blow you away. Expectations for EDGUY to top this were incredibly high by now and you could feel how people were getting more and more tense to see them deliver.
an extra long version of 'I Want Out' announced the end of UNISONIC's performance and all that's left to say is: Go check them out live as soon as possible!  While they're certainly not among the youngest anymore, whole generations of Metalbands can still learn a thing or two from them.

After one final (and very long) break EDGUY finally entered the stage which was decorated in the art style of their latest album "Space Police: Defenders of the Crown". Blue lights and police sirens marked the beginning of the show, EDGUY kicked off the set with 'Love Tyger' followed by 'Space Police', one of the two title tracks. More of the new album was presented, of course, but there was also lots and lots of time for interaction and talking to the audience. A healthy mix of self-irony and self-praise only a Tobias Sammet can do left the viewers no choice but to give it all to the band. The first highlight of the set was 'Superheroes' (the audience did 60% of the singing here) but every single song was great fun.
It became clear very soon that EDGUY deserved their slot as the headliner. They played (among others) 'Vain Glory Opera', 'Ministry of Saints' and a cover version of 'Rock me Amadeus' as well as a 10 minute drum solo. 'Lavatory Love Machine' and 'King of Fools' finished off the show.
This concert was recorded live and parts of it might be published in the future. The atmosphere of this gig would certainly be worth it because EDGUY thrilled every last viewer and the band itself also seemed to be blown away by the experience thanks to the Munich audience.

Text: Richard Metzler