NOVA ROCK 2019: Press conference and important information for next week. It's getting hot.

After today's very successful and well-attended press conference we are very happy to send you some more important information, because, oh, shock, next week it's already starting and the NOVA ROCK Festival 2019 will open its doors for the 15th time.
Today, Governor Hans-Peter Doskozil, District Administrator Birgit Lentsch, Councillor Christian Illedits, Bgm. Gerhard Zapfl and Festivalindendant Ewald Tatar were allowed to report on the special features of the upcoming festival in the beautiful garden of Max Stiegls Gut Purbach.
Governor Doskozil praised the NOVA ROCK as a trademark for Burgenland and announced a further cooperation with Ewald Tatar and his team until 2026 in Nickelsdorf.
In this context, Ewald Tatar promised further investments in the festival area and its transport connections, and talked about important innovations such as Grrrls Camping, especially lettered securitys regarding harassment, homophobia, racism and re-activation. Also the anniversary lottery, many other "green events" such as can collection, reduction of plastic waste, refillable festival bottle, etc... were very well received. The culinary offer will be further expanded in 2019 and the cooperation with favourite and top chef Max Stiegl is still another highlight in the Burgenland Arena, which will now also have a branch on the Red Stage.
In 2019, Discobus Chairman Christian Illedits, Councillor of the Burgenland Provincial Council, will once again be delighted to welcome more than 6,000 young people from Burgenland, who will travel to the festival on the Discobus, a number that is well worth seeing, with an average of 25% of visitors travelling by public transport.
District head Birgit Lentsch, like all those present, is proud of the good cooperation between the organisers, the authorities and all the affiliated organisations. The Neusiedl BH has 14 local employees at Nova Rock, 360 additional traffic signs will be in circulation on the festival days in terms of traffic, more than 120 paramedics and 8 emergency doctors, 150 policemen are on duty at a police station located at the festival. 10,500 cars and 4,500 caravans are expected.
Gerhard Zapfl, mayor of the municipality of Nickelsdorf, supported by the further cooperation, spoke of a historical event. The mayor and his staff, led by Wolfgang Gonter, will also be increasingly available during the festival. The lost property office is of special importance here, and will be even more accessible after the festival via the email address .
Of course the mayor did not let the importance of the Sunday festival spring pint with Wendi's Böhmischer Blasmusik be duly appreciated.
Of course we can only join all of them.

For this year we recommend the belly-free metal frock and Corpsepaint with a high sun protection factor. It's getting hot at Nova Rock! Source:

Nova Rock 2019 - Weather Forecast


NR19 Trash Challenge
In spring 2019, a simple idea developed into a viral social media campaign that caused a sensation worldwide: the so-called Trash Challenge. The call to the social media community was a very simple one: take a picture of an area to be cleaned, then take a picture after you have cleared it of garbage and post the picture.
To sensitize our visitors to the waste disposal at Nova Rock, we also call for the Trash Challenge! All before-and-after photos posted on Instagram under #NoTrash_NR19 will be entered into a competition for 3x2 Nova Rock 2020 VIP festival passes!

Plastic-free vegetables in the festival supermarket
This year there are no plastic packed vegetables in the supermarket: the vegetables will be delivered directly from the fields of Burgenland farmers to the festival in practical reusable crates. The green box contains cucumbers, carrots, celery, peppers, tomatoes - all without plastic & fresh from the field. We are especially happy that these are vegetables that get a second chance because they don't meet the food trade requirements and therefore have little chance to spread their delicious vitamins. The food is of course flawless, some cucumbers may have a funny shape. We are looking forward to the most natural vegetables outside the standard sizes in our supermarket at Nova Rock. Of course there are no plastic bags in the festival supermarket, only fabric bags.

Wine from the region & Social Drink @ Wine bar in the Genuss Arena
We have put together a great range of wines from five Burgenland winegrowers. The wine therefore does not have to cover unnecessary kilometres, but comes fresh and directly from our wine-growing partners to the festival. You can choose between red wine, white wine and of course the popular Uhudler. In the Genuss Arena this year there will also be the Sternderl, the social drink of the Sterntalerhof. The herbal refreshing drink also blends very well with our wine as Sternderl mix. The proceeds from the Sternderl sale go to the Sterntalerhof.

Limited festival bottle with drinks subscription @ Nova Rock Greisslerei
Help to reduce plastic waste! This is how it works: Get one of the limited printed Festival Bottles (reusable aluminium bottle) incl. refill subscription for soda & water in the supermarket and proactively avoid plastic garbage/PET bottles. Together with Fritz Kola we start this attempt and count on the necessary visitor encouragement. We hope that the concept will set a precedent and that we can reduce plastic waste to a minimum. We ask for your understanding that the bottle cannot be taken into the core area.

Every can counts! From now on collecting cans makes even more sense and quenches your thirst!
The formula is 15:1. Together with our partners from the Ottakringer Brewery and Red Bull, we collect cans at the camping site together with the festival visitors in order to dispose of them professionally - because every can counts. Collect 15 empty cans and take them to one of the 3 collection stations (see map). In return, you get a freshly tapped beer* or Red Bull* at the main station (open Thu-Sun from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) as a thank you. #rockclean *only while stocks last.

Attention: there are fake festival tapes in circulation. Therefore don't buy tapes from private persons and in the run-up to the festival. Only official tickets from, Musicticket, Raiffeisen & HOFER Austria are valid and guarantee access to the festival grounds. From our side there is no compensation for the purchase of a fake band.

Nova Rock 2019 - Fake Festival Wristbands

You can find more information about the NOVA ROCK Festival at, or as usual.