Vader will visit Mannheim on their »The Ultimate Incantation Tour« 2018

EVENTDATUM: 06.04.2018
The Ultimate Incantation Tour 2018
+ special guest: DEATHRITE 
+ supports: NECROTTED & Entorx 
Fr. 06.04.2018 - MS Connexion Complex - Mannheim
Einlass 19:00 Uhr - Beginn 19:45 Uhr 
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The Ultimate Incantation Tour 2018
25 Years of Chaos! 
This tour is very special, because we’re going to celebrate VADERs debut album - „The Ultimate Incantation”, which was released 25 years ago. We’ll play the whole album live. There are also many attractions prepared for this very tour. VADER released a special, new recorded/mixed version of Their debut called „Dark Age” . This strictly limited to 550 pcs DigiPack will be available on this tour ONLY! We also prepared reprints of VADER tour t—shirts from 1993 (from Europ and USA)! And many , many more… IT'S TIME TO RELEASE MADNESS! WE ARE COMING m/ m/