Under The Red Cloud - Amorphis in Munich

Since the beginning of March 2016 one of the most famous Finnish metal bands Amorphis tours Europe with their latest work "Under The Red Cloud", released at german label Nuclear Blast in September 2015. Supported by greek progressive band POEM and mainly for the second slot of the tour, Textures from the Netherlands, they visited Munich's Backstage Werk on April 8th, one of nearly 40 shows of this journey.

Opened by Athen's POEM and a stagetime of about 40 minutes the crowd got a very solid and catchy set.
Special guests Textures from Tilburg/Netherlands, also a band of the Nuclear Blast-family, followed at about 9 p.m. and the venue was already well-filled. Very soon it became obvious that their kind of sound compared to the headlining Amorphis was more metalcore but various as well which was definitely worth to listen to. Over the next few songs, emotionally charged with the voice of singer Daniël de Jongh, it unfortunately languished a bit, which left a divisive audience at a spell.

After a short break the stage got highly adorned with a big cover-banner of their actual album, Amorphis hit the stage, led by Tomi Joutsen, together with two founding members Esa Holopainen and Jan Rechberger, who were yearningly awaited of all the fanatic metal heads.
A completely illuminated stage lighting in red emphasized the magic of the new songs, although "Under The Red Cloud" sounds more gentle than the opening acts. After several variations of their sound in the past years the Finnish band still able to delight their fans and get the crowd pumped up. During the last third of the set Amorphis turned back to their death metal era and demonstrated still being one of the most eclectic metal bands.
Overall Amorphis did a more than convincing show and left a fully overwhelmed and grateful audience.

Text: Conny Pläsken
Translation: Jens Wassmuth


  • Under The Red Cloud
  • Sacrifice
  • Bad Blood
  • Sky Is Mine
  • The Wanderer
  • On Rich And Poor
  • Drowned Maid
  • Dark Path
  • The Four Wise Ones
  • Silent Waters
  • My Kantele
  • Hopeless Days
  • House of Sleep
  • Death Of a King (Encore)
  • Silver Bride (Encore)
  • The Smoke (Encore)