A metalcore night - Any Given Day and For I Am King in Munich

Friday night and lots of people were lining up at the side entrance of Backstage Club. Many septums, lots of tattoos and a dark-colored crowd - there’s no doubt: it’s time for metalcore! Guest this evening in Munich was Any Given Day supported by For I Am King, ready to heat up the rather chilly night.

For I Am King
Long before the show was about to begin, masses of people were lining up in front of the Club at Backstage - way more people than expected this early. Time in the queue did not seem to pass; this evening probably set a new waiting record for a comparably small location. Finally inside, we found ourselves right in the crowd - clearly this would be a rather intimate and cosy evening with so many people around, even though the stairs to the upper area had been opened for the audience. Right on time the opening act of the evening started their performance: For I Am King. The (until then) relatively unknown Dutch band set a high standard for the rest of the evening. It took them only seconds to get the party started. Mainly responsible for this was frontwoman Alma whose performance and growls not only chimed in with the other four band members but also gave the entire show something special. The audience was enthralled right from the beginning and kept moshing and growling throughout the entire performance. A great start into the evening with lots of new fans for the Dutch band, including us. We also made our way to the merch stand and bought the new LP “Daemons”. Make sure to check out For I Am King yourself - it’s definitely worth it!

Any Given Day
After a short break during which the audience desperately tried to get more beer at the over-crowded bar, Any Given Day hit the stage. The shooting stars from Gelsenkirchen, Germany, had only just released their new album “Everlasting” in August 2016 which they presented at this tour. This evening was already the second time this year the metalcore band performed in Munich as they had been part of the Impericon Festival in spring. Now, in front of a notably smaller but not even slightly less amazing audience, Any Given Day presented their new songs. Brute and terribly impressive, the five musicians performed songs like “Endurance” or “Never Say Die”. No surprise the audience followed the band’s call for a moshpit suit. Vocalist Dennis Diehl had no problem emphasizing the aggression in Any Given Day’s music - with his voice as much as with his massive appearance.

For the fans, this evening full of metalcore surely fulfilled all expectations. But despite the thunderous applause for the headliner, For I Am King seemed to stand out a bit more as they were able to interpret the classic metalcore elements in a new way, thereby bringing some more variety into the metalcore landscape. We’re curious what the future holds for the Dutch band!

Tour Setlist:

  • My Doom
  • Endurance
  • Never Say Die
  • Anthem for the Voiceless
  • The Beginning Of The End
  • My Own Sweet Hell
  • Levels
  • Coward King
  • Home is where the Heart is (Zugabe)
  • Arise (Zugabe)
  • Diamonds (Zugabe)

Text: Conny Pläsken

Translation: Tanja Frank