Suicidal Angels – Division Of Blood World Tour 2016 – Munich

After 2 years the time had finally come again in 2016: suicidal Angels – the thrash metal stars from Greece – released their seventh album and directly hit the road again to promote it all over the world. With them on tour were Skull Fist, Evil Invaders and Mortillery. Naturally, the tour had to stop in Munich. And where’s the best place in Munich for a great concert? At Backstage of course!

Mortillery and Evil Invaders

Already at the beginning of the evening, lots of metal heads were crowded in the hall of Backstage – no surprise considering the line-up. The first two acts of the evening made a great opening and brought some good old thrash metal into the venue. Mortillery, the thrash metallers from Canada, played a great and fast show just like Evil Invaders, the speed metal band from Belgium. Both bands were representative of the special musical combination that this evening had to offer: Rapidness combined with distinct tunes and a good portion of harshness brought the audience in the perfect attunement for what was about to come.

Skull Fist

Next up on stage were Skull Fist, a Canadian speed metal band. As they have already played several shows in Munich, it was no surprise that they were embraced by their own little fan base. The growling and screaming emerging from the audience spoke volumes. Zach Slaughter, Casey Guest, Johnny Exciter and JJ Tartaglia just know how to make their fans happy. In their freakish way they played one hymn after another, completely doing their own thing. Skull Fist are known for their spectacular and wild shows but this time they clearly outdid themselves. Vocalist Zach Slaughter jumped around on stage like a bouncy ball and ensured everyone had a great time. Notable is also the band’s guitar playing, which does not just sound great but is additionally fascinating to watch as you can only see flying hands on guitar necks. Once again, it was a great pleasure to watch these Canadians having so much fun on stage and living their passion to the fullest.

Suicidal Angels

After Skull Fist had left the stage, leaving behind a happy crowd, the time that most people in the audience had been waiting for finally arrived: Suicidal Angels began their show. With deft fingers on their guitars and loud, rough drums the Greeks fired it up right as if there were no tomorrow. Their past performances over the last couple of years had always been a most memorable pleasure and the highlight of a week. This time, however, Suicidal Angels seemingly wanted to top this.
With their latest LP “Division of Blood” they surely had already laid the foundation for another breathtaking night. No surprise they made the audience freak out with their music and power on stage. Mosh pits and banging heads all over the place. Nick Melissourgos, Gus Drax, Orpheas Tzortzopoulos and Angel Lelikakis had no difficulties to increase the excitement in the venue step by step during their performance and to cast a musical spell over the crowd in front of them.
This show was clearly one of 2016’s highlights. A unique, rapid and sweeping sound combined with charismatic and talented musicians - Suicidal Angels are one of those bands of which the thrash metal scene needs more. We can’t wait for them to come back!

Set list:

  • Capital of War
  • Bloodbath
  • Bleeding Holocaust
  • Division of Blood
  • Image of the Serpent
  • Seed of Evil
  • Set the Cities on Fire
  • Front Gate
  • Eternally to Suffer
  • Reborn In Violence
  • Moshing Crew
  • Apokathilosis

Text: Conny Pläsken

Translation: Tanja Frank