Europe Under Attack Tour – Destruction and co. stir up Munich

“Show up or miss out!” could have been the motto of Destruction’s Europe Under Attack Tour. Accompanied on this tour by Flotsam and Jetsam, Enforcer, as well as Nervosa, it was no surprise that the venue at Backstage Munich was so crowded that the sweat seemed to dripping from the ceiling.


Opening act this evening were the Brazilian thrash metal band Nervosa who caused the first jaw-dropping moment of the evening. Unexpected for those who did not take a closer look at the supporting acts, three female metalheads entered the stage. Usually, not something that has to be mentioned but an all-female thrash metal band is rather rare. All the more exciting that the girls came on tour with Destruction. Right from the start, the trio rocked the stage, leaving no doubt that they are meant to be on stage and play some breathtaking metal tunes. Their Canadian jobbing drummer Samantha Landa thrashed the drums as if there was no tomorrow, guitarist and founding member of Nervosa Prika Amaral made one or the other guitar colleagues look pale and vocalist, front woman and bassist Fernanda Lira proved not only her musical talent but also her enormous stage presence. Next to her great vocal performance that seemingly appalled to the masses at Backstage, Lira’s facial expressions accentuated the music perfectly and entertained the audience additionally. Incentive, evil, crazy vampire – Lira’s countenance complimented the entire show. With a performance like this, mosh pits were bound to occur! All in all, this trio needs to be recommended! We’re sure that this was not the last time we’ve heard of Nervosa. Naturally, their new LP “Agony” had to be bought at the merch stand right after their performance. It’s worth listening to!

Tour set list:

  • Hypocrisy
  • Arrogance
  • Death!
  • Surrounded by Serpents
  • Intolerance Means War
  • Masked Betrayer
  • Hostages
  • Theory of Conspiracy
  • Into Mosh Pit


In charge for a musical change this evening were the Swedish metallers from Enforcer. Already last year, the speed metal band played an outstanding show promoting their album “From Beyond”. Now, one year later, they did not pass on the chance to bring their music to the people. For die-hard fans of Enforcer, this evening clearly was another highlight in metal history. Vocalist Olof Wikstrand and his band began their show with several songs from their latest LP. Naturally, catchy songs like “Undying Evil” or “From Beyond” itself couldn’t be missed. But Enforcer also played more quiet tunes as “Below the Slumber”, leaving no room for further musical wishes. Olof Wikstrand, who sometimes came across as a schoolboy with his rather unusual and crazy outfits, impressed with his unique voice that’s simply made for speed metal. He, as well as the rest of his band, played a great show that left the audience crave for more. It was a pleasure to see these guys from Sweden again. Hopefully, they will be back soon.

Tour set list:

  • Destroyer
  • Undying Evil
  • From Beyond
  • Live for the Night
  • I Turned Into a Martian
  • Below the Slumber
  • Mesmerized by Fire
  • Speak the Tongue of Heathen Gods
  • Hell Will Follow
  • Take Me Out of This Nightmare
  • Midnight Vice

Flotsam and Jetsam

Next up on stage was a band that already have quite some years of experience. For more than 35 year, the Americans from Phoenix, Arizona, mix up the thrash metal scene. However, Flotsam and Jetsam only rarely find their way to Europe. Their last show here in Munich was over 3.5 years ago. All the better that they came on tour with Destruction. Raising the age average on stage notably, the volume seemed to increase as well – or “Seventh Seal” was just so loud and powerful itself. It felt like Flotsam and Jetsam had planned to blow off some hats tonight. With rough but also more melodic riffs than Nervosa, the metal heads around vocalist Eric A.K. fired it up right away, headbanging and flowing hair all around. Even though the show in general was well received, it was a bit harder for most people in the crowd to actually join in into the performance. Nervosa and Enforcer had set a high standard for this evening. Flotsam and Jetsam seemed to need a couple more songs to win the entire audience over. Nevertheless, Eric A.K. and his colleagues played a great set with lots of head banging and mish pits. A good warm-up for the headliner of the evening.

Tour set list:

  • Seventh Seal
  • Dreams of Death
  • Hammerhead
  • Monkey Wrench
  • Desecrator
  • Life Is a Mess
  • Me
  • Smoked Out
  • No Place for Disgrace


After Flotsam and Jetsam had left, the stage was prepared with two different canvases, lights were tested and it was finally time for Destruction. Accompanied by roaring and growling the German metal heads of Destruction hit the stage and started their show. With a lot more speed, they began the rest of the evening and made the crowd once again move. Since the early 80s, Destruction – next to Kreator and Sodom – belong to the stars of the German thrash metal scene. Their show was accentuated by red light which made the performance appear even more impressive and powerful. But of course, Destruction also convinced the audience with great music and a fantastic choice of songs. Next to “Curse the Gods”, other hymns like “Mad Butcher” or “Thrash Attack” mustn’t be missed. And all those, whose thirst for thrash metal hadn’t been satisfied, were surely delighted when Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer and his colleagues played “Thrash Till Death” during their encore. If not earlier, this was the point where everyone in the crowd realized why this band belongs to the greatest German thrash metal bands. Lots of power, technical precision and a speed from another planet united in one song. After all these years on stage, Destruction proved that they still know how to rock a venue and deliver a great show for their fans. Let’s hope, they will continue to do so next year.

Tour set list:

  • Under Attack
  • Curse the Gods
  • Pathogenic
  • Nailed to the Cross
  • Mad Butcher
  • Dethroned
  • Life Without Sense
  • Total Desaster
  • Thrash Attack
  • Black Death/Invicible Force
  • Second to None
  • The Butcher Strikes Back
  • Days of Confusion (Zugabe)
  • Thrash Till Death (Zugabe)
  • Eternal Ban (Zugabe)
  • Bestial Invasion (Zugabe)

Text: Conny Pläsken

Translation: Tanja Frank