W:O:A 2019 - Heavy X-MAS: Slayer and Anthrax are joining the lineup!

Today's 24th door marks the end of the big Wacken Open Air Advent calendar on xmas.wacken.com - at least in terms of bands. But from now on you can take part in the raffle for the main prizes! Just puzzle together the solution sentence and enter it and your data into the form at the "Prizes" tab.

SSSLLLLAAAAAAAYYYYYYEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!! The biggest and most important Thrash Metal band in history is currently on their Farewell Tour, so we are extremely proud that Slayer once more return to W:O:A. Everybody who has witnessed the phenomenal European shows just a few weeks ago will agree, that saying goodbye to this band is even harder now. So come and bow down to these giants one final time!

Please welcome Anthrax, another one of the „Big 4“! These americans definitely belong to the masters of their craft, impressively proven once again by their latest output „For all Kings“. So here’s our Wacken-forcast: Moshing guaranteed with a massive hail of hits!