Together loud for the protection of species

Together loud for the protection of species:
Krombacher and Wacken Open Air present the "Growling Creatures" - the first metal band made up of endangered animals

Wacken, July 14, 2022. What do grey seal, brown hare, bison and Great Grey Shrike have in common? They are all rare native animal species whose continued existence is endangered. And they are part of the "Growling Creatures" - the first metal band made up of endangered animals. Presented by Krombacher and the Wacken Open Air (W:O:A), the Growling Creatures are drawing attention to their threat with their animal vocals ("growls") this summer - and getting really loud together for species protection.

"With Krombacher, we have long been committed to domestic and international species protection projects," says Peter Lemm, Head of Corporate Communications at Krombacher Brauerei. "As a new partner of the Wacken Open Air, it was important to us to create an authentic connection between our sustainable commitment and entertainment with a twinkle in our eye. The Growling Creatures are just that - as musical newcomers of the year, they deliver the best metal sound for a good cause and audibly draw attention to species protection."

Animal metal diversity
With different songs and constellations, the endangered lead singers on their mini EP "Growling Creatures" not only show the breadth of the threat situation, but also offer musical metal diversity: With "Nest Destroyer", for example, the endangered birds Cuckoo and Great Grey Shrike deliver a track from the melodic death metal genre, for which Tree Frog and Wolf contributed the guest vocals. Feldhase and Luchs, on the other hand, offer a real metalcore banger called "Furry Inferno". And with the female bison and the grey seal not only the biggest mammals of the Growling Creatures come together for the death metal song "Small Number Of The Beast", but also representatives of the home regions of both the northern German Wacken Open Air and the brewery of the Siegerland.

Unusual special guest: Growling Creatures at W:O:A
"Species protection is important for our entire environment, not just for individual niches of nature," explains festival organizer Thomas Jensen. "That's why we at Wacken Open Air support Growling Creatures and the cause behind it. Nature conservation and sustainability also represent important topics for us as organizers, which also find approval in the metal community."

Co-organizer Holger Hübner adds, "A band made of endangered animals - that has never happened before. The idea alone is effective, the three songs can't be ignored either - that fits the W:O:A. It's remarkable how well the animals sound in metal numbers."

Of course, the Growling Creatures are also at the start at the Wacken Open Air. They will complement the line-up with their songs and videos on all stages of the W:O:A and will be present at the Krombacher Stammtisch. At the "Growling Creatures Challenge" the visitors can compete with the animals themselves at the Krombacher Stammtisch-Games. Exclusively at the W:O:A, T-shirts of the animal band can be purchased as souvenirs. All proceeds from the sale of the limited merchandising items as well as income from the music sales of the Growling Creatures will be donated to the NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland) e.V..

A good idea for a good cause
The Hamburg-based agency Accenture Song is responsible for the unusual creation. "We wanted to do something that was fun and credible - for Krombacher, Wacken, nature conservation and above all the metal community. Made by and for metal fans," says Thomas Knüwer, Creative Managing Director at Accenture Song.

The Growling Creatures songs were produced by Pitchback Studios in Cologne. Digital distribution is handled by Odyssey Music Network.

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