“Bruce Dickinson opened their 2016 tour with a full-throttle, devil-may-care performance that thrilled a sold-out BB&T Center. Hallowed Be Thy Name sent the crowd into a pogoing frenzy…There aren’t many metal bands who can keep a grip on a 20,000 seat arena anymore and Iron Maiden aren’t letting go just yet” - Sun Sentinel newspaper South Florida USA

“Iron Maiden hit the stage with a vengeance, their trademark intensity and vigour showing no signs of slowing down….the band’s mascot Eddie made several appearances throughout the night. From a walking zombie towering over band members during the set, to being featured on a host of backdrops and huge blow-up figures – the quintessential symbol was omnipresent for the entire show” - Revolver magazine USA

“Mayan Inspiration: After three years, Iron Maiden came back to Mexico, where they gave a master class of heavy metal” - Excélsior newspaper, Mexico City

“Nothing compares to the rebirth of Maiden after "The Book of Souls" release... nothing compares to the presence of Bruce Dickinson on stage... Iron Maiden has shown that it is more alive than ever” - Estado de Sao Paulo Newspaper, Brazil
“With the energy of Madison Square Garden at one of the night’s apexes, the bellowing laughter that marks the start of Powerslave poured in and the crowd remained purely electric… Fear Of The Dark had over 20,000 fans engaged in the traditional ‘whoa-oh-oh’ chant…the General Admission pit exploded into a sea of jumping fans” - Loudwire New York USA

“The appeal of this kind of music is ageless, and crosses every boundary…being part of that crowd was as close to a religious experience as I wager most of us would care to venture” - Noisey/Vice NY USA

“The smouldering Mayan ruins towering over The Bell Centre’s stage were a sight to behold, but the marvel at the two-tiered setup quickly gave way to marvel at a sextet that remains tough as torture spikes…the night’s most potent special effect was the frontman’s operatic warlock wail, as astounding as it was three decades ago” - Montreal Gazette, Canada

“When Maiden performs, it’s not just a concert, it’s a full blown heavy metal theatrical production”
- Orange County Register, Los Angeles, USA

“Iron Maiden blew the doors off Beijing last night...It was, in our professional estimation, all of the following things: Rad, Gnarly, Bitchin’. Totally sweet. Awesome. Sick. Killer.Kickass.Fuggin’ metal. Dude. You get the idea” - The Beijinger newspaper, China

“Their stage rig takes in the width of Vector Arena’s main stage and with its flaming pyres and smoking cauldrons appears to be stolen straight from the set of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom….Iron Maiden do things their way. And their way means the bigger the better….Fans crammed into every nook and cranny of the venue loved every second of it” - New Zealand Herald

“It had all the ingredients of the epic performance that Maiden are renowned for: not one but two giant Eddie mascots, a dazzling lightshow with trademark pyrotechnics all spread over two hours of high octane light and noise… In an evening where not a bum riff was struck it was hard to single out a highlight….They came and they conquered” - Brisbane Courier Mail, Australia

“The sell-out crowd was treated to what can only be described as one of the best live shows in music today…two hours of nonstop magic” - The Citizen, Johannesburg S.Africa

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