Parking and camping regulations 2015 online! NEW - Early arrival fee to be paid only until Tuesday 08.00pm

To ensure that all visitors will have an amazing and peaceful festival experience, each visitor on the campgrounds has to act appropriately so that no one is harmed, threatened, harassed or molested. Year after year we adjust the regulations to new circumstances and experience from the past.

The most important changes are regarding for example the early arrivals. From this year on you have to pay the early arrival fee only until Tuesday 08.00pm instead of Wednesday 00.01am.
Besides that the so called "selfie sticks" have been added to the list of banned items.

Further most important regulations can be found in our Parking- and Camping regulations (updated to 2015) which can be inspected from now on.

In addition please also read our Terms and conditions for 2015 once again.