NOVA ROCK 2019: Raffle specials at NOVA ROCK

Soon the Nova Rock Festival will open its doors for the 15th time.
Of course we also want to celebrate this wildly and that's why we have thought about something very special.
For some visitors it could be the best festival ever.
If they are lucky.
See for yourself.

The mega lottery for the 15th edition of the Nova Rock Festival

15 years Nova Rock - Anniversary lottery!

15 years Nova Rock. 15 years of festival history at its best. We want to celebrate this with you. Besides the ingenious line-up and the numerous innovations on site, we've also made a brilliant raffle for the round anniversary clear for you.

What is there to win?
A drum kit. Yamaha Stage Custom Set (article name: SBP2F5 CR).
Consisting of: Kick 22", TT 10", TT 12", FT 16" + good HW880 hardware + DS840 stool + a third CS865 cymbal stand. List price: Almost 2.000€

Nova Rock 2019 - Jubiläumsgewinnspiel

How can I win?
The visitor can choose between two different cashless cards directly on site. On the one hand there are unbranded cards FREE of charge (single color without imprint) and on the other hand our branded exclusive NOVA ROCK cashless cards. The branded card can be purchased for 5€, plus the Nova Rock keychain, which otherwise costs 5€ at the Festival Merchandising, is available at no extra charge. In addition, ONLY branded cashless cards take part in a big raffle, no unbranded cashless cards. The cashless card numbers won in the draw will be announced after the festival on and on the official Nova Rock Facebook page. Therefore, you must keep the branded cashless card. A personalization is not necessary, but helpful.

Nova Rock 2019 - Jägermeister Hirschrevier

Nova Rock 2019 - Jägermeister Rockgarage

Information about the Hirschrevier:
There is a new stand next to the (also newly positioned) Festival Supermarket.

Opening hours are:
MI: 16-24h
DO-SO: 12-20h

Programme items 2019:
There will be a photo station in the Hirschrevier, photos can be taken and can then be sent by postcard (Jägermeister will take care of shipping). In addition, an ironing station will be offered where you can have your festival costume embellished with Jägermeister patches.

What you will definitely get again: ice-cold Jägermeister shots and long drinks and special Jägermeister goodies at spontaneous raffles.

NEWS 2019:
"Jägermeister tastes best ice-cold at -18 degrees Celsius, so he has to go to the freezer. With the innovative packaging design, we have developed a strong solution for outdoor enjoyment whose design language reminds the young target group of the recommended drinking temperature. At the same time we deliver an iconic product," says Sebastian Koenen, project manager in the Innovation & Design department. The new packaging also allows the herbal liqueur to be present at various outdoor activities where glass bottles are not allowed. It is also in the typical Jägermeister green, but in shape and format it is based on the design of a classic cold pack.

Innovative thinking and clever design have accompanied Jägermeister on all its ways so far. The packaging form, a mixture of contemporary hip flask and cold pack, which also functions as such in the cool bag, is itself an innovation that is unique worldwide. The new product packaging made of plastic (PETG) is perfectly suited for enjoying Jägermeister shots ice-cold everywhere, whether at festivals, fishing, barbecuing or hiking - the COOLPACK is now always with you.

Meet JBL at Nova Rock and experience an epic festival!
Nova Rock will be 15 years old and JBL will celebrate with you! The JBL truck provides you with a big bass on the way from the campsite to the festival area. With his charging station, the sound pioneer declares war on empty mobile phone batteries and challenges you to cool games. Challenge accepted? Then come along!

You can find more information about the NOVA ROCK Festival at, or as usual.