Metal-Battle 2016: Four more finalists have been crowned!

Now more and more winners are following and today we welcome the winners of Mexico, China, Greece and Spain.

Let’s start with China: Oldest Chinese black metal band RITUAL DAY surfaced in Beijing in 2000, over the following years they gained great reputation and respect as the spearhead of the new evil - a dark star of a new era, an age where the underground started to thrive and prosper.

After a few years of silence the Chinese melodic black metal legend is back with new outfit, new album and a totally new chapter of oriental evil.

The winners from Spain are called Legacy of Brutality. They play Death Metal and were founded in 2007. Most of their songs are about Zombies, the Apocalypse and gore.

Let us move along to Mexico: Tulkas is a thrash metal band originally from Queretaro which was founded in early October 2010. They already won lots of national contests and prices with their first EP called Evil Pearl.

Last but not least, we have Greece. Tidal Dreams want to defeat their competitors with their own epic heavy metal.

Congrats as always to all the bands and we will see you in Wacken – Rain or Shine!

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