Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Horrorpunk behind door 11

Today in our calendar: The biggest Metal band from Japan, the biggest Horrorpunk band from Europe and one of the oldest and best AC/DC cover bands!

Heavy Metal made in Japan! The band Loudness was found in 1981 and is the probably biggest Metal band of Japan. To date they have released 26 studio albums and played countless shows all over the world. Now it is time to welcome them in Wacken!

The Other
They are regarded as the biggest European Horrorpunk band: The Other from Germany. In 2010 they band rocked Wacken for the first time and now they will return - with two new albums in their luggage.

Bon Scott
A true Wacken pioneer! The AC/DC coverband Bon Scott played at the second Wacken Open Air in 1991 and returned for two more gigs since then. Now they will return another time to present their version of the big AC/DC hits.