Door 1: Release the Thrash bat!

The big Wacken Open Air Advent calendar has started and today we can unveil the first news bands for 2016! And of course, we start in proper style: With a heavy thrash bat!

The Bay-Area thrashers from Testament will join forces with us for the fifth time! The band is one of the founders of the genre and they still kick ass and every concert they play and every record they release. To date, they have released 10 studio albums and a new one is currently in the making – so stay tuned for a concert with both their biggest hits and also new material!

Are you ready for the sledgehammer from Northern Germany? The groove metal band Drone once won the W:O:A Metal Battle and this kick-started their career! Four albums have been released and they are smashing stages all over Europe – welcome back to Wacken guys!

Thrash from Germany has many faces – and Cripper are one of the strongest new members of this scene! The band from Hannover is active since 2005 and they are playing sophisticated thrash metal with female power at the microphone. This mixture is working very well and we love to announce their Wacken premier!

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