Austria’s ultimate rock band TURBOBIER released of their second studio album “Das Neue Festament“ in January 2017, which directly hit position 1 in the Austrian Album charts. The Amadeus Music Award winners from Vienna are now embarking on their own religious crusade: the beer denomination. Not only does this foursome change shandy into proper beer – NO! Also non-believers or strugglers are shown the way towards a better, respectively a more luxuriant life by faith leader Marco Pogo.

On the album “Das Neue Festament” (the new Feastament) TURBOBIER celebrates a more than excessive party 365 days of the year and vows on “the holy beerble”. As world record holder in shotgunning and successful party leader of the BPA (Beer Party Austria) one is experienced in the art of partying and knows better than anyone else, when not to stop. Generally, as always the bands motto applies: Don’t give work a chance!
“Das Neue Festament” (the new Feastament) is an action packed novel and guarantees no time for work in the future.

And, let’s be honest, there is no better dialect to sing about boozing, binging, lazing around than in Viennese.

For all eternity – beer!

Photo: Kiki Heindl


Interview at Wacken Open Air 2017