STRANGELET – das sind fünf Musiker aus dem süddeutschen Raum, die seit einigen Jahren die Banner des melodiösen Hard´n´Heavy Rocks klassischer Prägung hochhalten und sich live einen vielbeachteten Ruf erspielt haben. STRANGELET stehen hierbei für Power und traditionelle Riffs, aber auch für erfrischend neue Elemente und ein abwechslungsreiches Songwriting.

Ein besonderes Augenmerk legen die vier Jungs samt Powerfrau an den Drums auf ein dynamisch explosives Stage-Acting und vor allem eine unterhaltsame Rock’n’Roll-Show – eben etwas für Ohr UND Auge.

STRANGELET legten im Dezember 2014 mit FIRST BITE eine CD auf höchstem Standard vor, die ein breites Publikum begeistert und nationale wie internationale Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen konnte.
Verpasst nicht diese authentische, hungrige Band, die sich durch nichts aufhalten lassen wird!

Booking-Information/ Management:
Jessica Stuart
Bergstr. 12
74248 Ellhofen
Phone: +49 151 23476207

Stefan Zörner (vocals)
Tobias Eurich (all guitars)
Jonas Kümmerle (keys, piano and recording)
Finn Janetzky (bass, backing vocals)
Jessica Stuart (drums)


First Bite (2014)

Strangelet - First Bite

01: Privilege of Power
02: Nothing
03: Tainted
04: Pray to Break
05: Stillborn
06: Snakebite
07: Hell and Back
08: Touch the Sky
09: Catching Fire
10: All that's left
11: Hiding Star

'First Bite' is the professionally produced debut album by Heilbronn based band STRANGELET. Its 11 tracks, amounting to a runtime of about 48 minutes bear some serious Hard and Heavy music. This is a quality production, the mix sounds absolutely flawless 99% of times.

The opening track 'Privilege of Power', while being one of the faster songs on the album, already gives a good outline on what this band is capable of.
This is basically solid, rough Rock mixed with powerful Heavy Metal. There's also remarkable guitars to be found as well as a wonderfully groovy synergy of bass guitar and drums that's just pro level.

Each of the songs is unique and interesting but most of the time they are pretty conservative in their structure and type. Exceptions are (amongst others) 'Stillborn' and 'Hell and Back'. These are highly worth checking out too, by the way.

'Tainted' sports a sweet 70's organ, 'Nothing' pays respect to one of Rock 'n Rolls most important instruments - the cowbell - and 'Hell and Back' takes you on a wild journey that ends up somewhere in the Wild West. 'Stillborn' may come off as a stale and uninspired cookie-cutter powerballad at first but it later turns out to be one of the album's highlights. Your patience will be highly rewarted as this tune bursts into insane guitar solos that are just top-notch.

One thing worth critisizing is the fact that sometimes the band goes a bit too hard on the keys and effects. It all fits nicely into the songs and brings a special feeling to them most of the times but sometimes it's just way too much. Sometimes you just have to let a Hard Rock song be a Hard Rock song, without any bling bling and special effects.

'First Bite' is an impressive effort which rightfully managed to take the name STRANGELET beyond Germany's borders already.
This band excels at combining the thrilling and fun elements of Hard Rock with the variety and technical aspects of Heavy Metal, making their first album an intense listening experience that stays interesting for every last moment.
The band displays an insane amount of creativity and lots of fresh ideas. This might be worth refining for future releases in the sense of using the extras a bit more carefully. For example only use electronic sounds and effects if they are truly vital to the feeling of a song.


  • 'Privilege of Power'
  • 'Tainted'
  • 'Stillborn'
  • 'Hell and Back'
  • 'Catching Fire'

Text: Richard Metzler