The band was founded in 2014, when Andrei (vocals, traditional instruments) and Ovidiu (guitars) were involved in the black metal band Prohod as main project, the two wishing to start a folk metal band. Shortly after, Dragoș (bass), Alex (guitar – also bandmate in Prohod, WarChant) and Paul (drums) join. Recently, Edwin (accordion & backing vocals) from WarChant also joined. Sadly, starting june 2016, he is forced to leave, due to personal issues, unrelated to the band. As a consequence of this, the very talented Ioana Popescu (keyboards), who is a student at the Braşov Music Academy, joins the band. Roxana is the newest member, “part time”, her appearance on the stage depending on her other band, Era Divina. She is in charge with the violin and backing vocals, making the band sound more complete.

The band combines the classical folk metal approach with traditional romanian elements and sequences of modern metal. The first four singles have been received very well by the audience, shortly gathering over 300.000 views on YouTube. It is, therefore, no surprise that the band had been nominated to the title “Best Metal Newcomer” during the 2015 Metalhead Awards, gaining the second place. The band also received the second place at Jaxx Rock Battle – Cluj, wining a prize of 500 euro. The band played important festivals like Metalhead Meeting, Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Kavarna Rock Fest, Celtic Transylvania & many more, and will play at Maximum Rock Fest, this fall.

The band recently started their tour “Jocurile Jienei”, the purpose of the tour being to promote the newest material, the debut EP “Jiana”. The EP was digitaly released on 30. september 2016 on bandcamp, and physicaly in october 2016, through the polish label “Art of the Night Production”.

The concept “E-an-na” represent mainly a metaphysical world, in which the universal laws to which we are used to do not apply. It’s a world forged for those who want to depart from this world, which is enthropic and filled with negative thoughts, so they can fully focus on the things that matter, that give us a reason to live. It’s a world for those wanting to follow their own way, without being distracted by little, meaningless things.


Interview at Wacken Open Air 2017